Mother's Day

Here's how to surprise her for Mother's Day with a stylish and personalised bracelet

Mother's Day is coming up again on 12 May. And what could be better than celebrating this special day with a unique and loving gift? At by Indah, you'll find what you're looking for: bracelets that are both stylish and meaningful. Our latest spring collection, featuring handmade bracelets made from natural stone beads, is perfect for putting the most important woman in your life in the limelight.

What woman doesn't love a little sparkle on the wrist. And why natural stones, you ask? Well, besides their natural beauty, each stone has unique properties. They are loaded with meaning, so to speak. Take sodalite, for instance, a beautiful blue stone known for boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. Is your mother one of those people who is always there for others? Maybe this bracelet will make her think about giving herself a break too. And how about rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love? Perfect for showing how much you love her!

Morse code collection: say it with secret words
For those who want to make it even more personal, we have something very special: the morse code collection.It allows you to incorporate a personal message into the bracelet, coded in Morse code.That way, your mum will always carry a little secret with her, something you share together.Whether it's a powerful 'I love you', or something personal, this gift is the perfect symbol of your special bond.

Your mum's style
Whether your mother likes subtle elegance or eye-catching jewellery, you will always find something to suit your mother's style with us. Each piece of jewellery is handmade in the Netherlands. So that's real attention you give, from the moment we pick the beads to the moment your choice is carefully packaged by us.This jewellery is made to last, perfect for mums who want to wear their bracelet every day.

Shop easily and stress-free
We make it easy for you to choose your ideal gift.
Browse through the different colours and their meanings in our shop at your leisure. We send each piece of jewellery in a beautiful, environmentally-friendly box. A gift that says more than a thousand words... showing your mother how much she means to you. Ordering from by Indah is simple. But remember, with Mother's Day on the agenda, things can get busy, count on a delivery time of three working days.So order on time to make sure your gift for Mother's Day arrives.

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